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I Don't Know How She Does It
(Allison Pearson)

This is a very well written book that as a borderline middle age women I can wholly relate to every experience the main character goes through, for every working mother or step mother this is life. Allison Pearson brings to life the everyday mundane and not so mundane rat race of child care, overworking guilt, extended family issues, financial worries, discrimination and sexual frustration that every working mom deals with day in and day out.
Allison Pearson has covered all bases here.

Kate Reddy, like so many career oriented women are spread so thin across the board that I defy any woman to read this and not relate to at least five issues Kate deals with. It brought some humor to my life and made me realize what is really important. I personally laughed more than a dozen times as Kate pounds her way through life?s daily problems. She tries to find an solution for every problem, although sometimes the answers are unorthodox, there is always a tiny bit of silver lining peeking out of the cloud to be grabbed.

As Kate tries to find the delicate balance of a career in high finance, motherhood, friend and wife. She shows not only to herself what is really important to her but what really is important in life. Kate discovers through all her mishaps that staying on top off all the so called priority lists are not such a high priority after all. Keeping up with the neighbors and having an air of complete organization is harder in life than on paper, as she makes lists of things to be done and never really crossing anything off the list in the end she concludes that she really just needs to reassess her lifestyle that she tried to live and live the lifestyle that she can live.
Kate like so many off us has two lives, her work life - a non-stop hamster wheel ride, that includes travel, almost living at the airport, answering to dominate males that don't feel women have a place in the office, extramarital thoughts and absolutely no time for her other life. Kate's other life consists of a huge amount of guilt for having her children be cared for by others, meddling in-laws, her immediate family, inadequate time to spend with her children,f riends that she never gets to see, a husband who is very caring but reaching his breaking point and a money pit house that never quite gets finished.
In the end Kate finds strength in all the misfortunes that she experiences and wraps up all the problems into one big ball and blows out all the stops. And she finally gets her life back to claim as her own.
This was a quick read, I could not put it down, not even to make some Mac and Cheese for the kids!! Talk about time management. Read this you will gain some valuable life lessons and have a true gut giggle as you explore Kates life and compare it to your own.

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