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Kabir Songs

Kabir is classified as a mystic poet belonging to 15th century,who has influenced almost every one in his times with his poetry based on his real experience.Most of his life ,he spent at Varanasi ,the most revered religious place of worship to all Hindus.He was supposed to be born to a brahmin lady and was brought by a muslim couple belonging to a weavers community.
His philosophy is a blend of both religions.He took best of the both religions and refused the orthodox and useless things that were prevalent in both communities.He was straight forward in his poetic expression and took musical poetry as a medium to express what he believed as truth.He gained followers among Hindu,Muslim,sikh communities.
He promoted Ramabhakti in his poetry although he advised to see the god in one's own soul and not in any religious places of worship.His poetry was a weapon on orthodox rituals prevailing those days.He shunned all the extravaganza ,that used to be there on the name of God.He was desciple of Ramananda a vaishnavite,but he has his own path which was different from his guru ,in realisation of God.Though Ramananda knew this ,He encouraged Kabir to follow his own way.He saw the same God being worshipped by people belonging to all the religions with different names.Hence he said that it would be foolishness to fight with one another on the name of the god.This expression of his coincides with vedic expression that "Ekam sat;viprah bahudhah pravanthi".which means,the fact is one ,but wise call it in different names.
Kabir has influenced through his mystic poetry filled with love towards god ,almost all the world.Rabindranath tagore ,the Nobel laurette ,who himself was a great poet and ,the realised soul,translated the poetry of Kabir with ease and elegance.
Kabir has given utmost importance to Guru ,who will guide the desciples to realise the Brahman(God), in his poetry.He repeatedly utters the truth ,that god resides in one's own soul rather than in idols and other sacred texts,and it is foolish to wander here and there to search for the God by bringing various simple comparisions from practical world.He says that heart should be like a lotus though living in water yet its petals untouched by the water.The immense love for god he had is expressed in his poetry by different ways.This love and adoration towards God is described in Hindu texts as one form of Devotion among the nine popular ways of Bhakti.He praised the God as the one who has no form and yet takes up many forms for sake of the devotees,like water becomes wave in a moment and immediately after its fall becomes water again is no different from water though it is given the name wave.In one of his poems he explains how his nirakara nirguna brahma ,that is formless God as is believed by him got acceptance by his own Guru ,who used to practice worship of God in a particular form.This is height any desciple can achieve,the Guru praising his worthy sishya for his achievement.In some of his poems he says that he was existent since time immemorial before the gods were given form,name and all the artificial decorations and now he has come to earth in his life to get united with the simple God who was formless and fortunately in his mission he was illumined by his guru Ramananda.
These beautiful poems in the original Hindi are melodious and are like Songs.Even when translated by such a noble soul Rabindranath tagore did not loose their melody,and infact got more popularity all over the world ,particularly English speaking population and recieved their admiration too.

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