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Tabor Voice/what Does God Want From Me?
(Bro. Lazarus Chawadi)

Different people try varied methods to know about the will of God in their lives. This boy tried to find out God's will by tossing a coin. Some of the well-known methods are asking God for supernatural signs or voice, going to babas, fasting and praying, following the feelings of the heart against logic or picking up of random verses from Bible. All these have just one objective - knowing the will of Lord. Certain methods are proposed which will help in providing direction to those who are lost and are desperate to know God's plans. They are openness, prayer, trust in the Lord, understanding, evaluation, listening and doing and lastly responsibility. The greatest personality from whom we can take example of openness is Mother Mary. She was always open to the will of the God and allowed him to work in her life. She never doubted for a moment but placed her faith and accepted the challenge to be virgin mother. Jesus was the Son of God, yet he spent a lot of time in personal prayer. This shows the need of being alone with the creator to develop a relationship. Crowd always followed Jesus, yet, he would find time to be alone with God. Trust in the Lord and realize that he is our maker, the potter and we are clay in his hands. The creator can understand human beings the best, because we are his creation. Jesus always submitted to the will of his father and was never let down. Nicodemus turned to the Lord because he wanted to understand the ways of the Lord and received revelations from Christ. Today, Christ is not physically present to guide us, but his commands and principles are available in the form of Bible, which serves as a guide to those who seek the Lord. The rich man kept all the laws as necessary to get eternal life, and came to evaluate himself to find whether it was enough. It is necessary to evaluate the major decisions and study the alternatives, consequences and the impact it would have on people. When God first appeared to Jonah, he listened to him but ran away as he did not want to do the will of God. There are failures in life, as we do not listen to God, who is unseen. Spiritual direction helps understand the will of Lord and it is necessary to take help of spiritual directors who are experienced and knowledgeable. One needs to reexamine and find out if you are able to listen to Holy Spirit in the stillness of heart and respond to it. There are times when we do not agree to the plan of God but want to try out what the mind says. God has given freedom and never forces anyone to do his will. He never stopped Adam from eating the fruit, but then he had to take responsibility for his actions. Are you ready to bear the consequences of your action?

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