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M-day: When The Ww Ii Started ?
(Victor Suvorov)

M-Day : When the Second World War Started ?- In Russian, Moscow, 1994, by Victor Suvorov (born Vladimir Rezun, 1947 ) is second in his five book series on military history leading to WW II.
It builds and supports author`s main theory ( described in previous book - ICEBREAKER ) that
WW II was orchestrated by Stalin and USSR to promote communist expansion all over the world.
The book`s title M-Day stands for openly declared mobilization day as last stage before striking the enemy - Hitler`s Germany in this case.
Chapter 8 speaks of Soviet military mobilization theory, it`s stages and how the whole of USSR
economy, population and resources were used for more than a decade to prepare for this mighty blow to Germany.
Soviet strategic planners found a simple solution to the problem of advance secret stages of
mobilization to the unknown (?) date of war outbreak.
In Chapter 17 date when Soviet leadership decided to go to war is given. Mr. V. Suvorov theory
is highly controvercial and rejected by many historians, but as I read most of his books, I can`t but agree with author`s massive knowledge of facts, actions, decisions and his masterful analyses
of these data.
Plain clear-cut language - and it cuts deeply into some of the myths of recent history - makes for fascinating reading for anyone interested in the subject.
Regretfully I couldn`t find English translation of this book, but I`m adding a link that might be helpful to discovering one.
M-Day is a sequel to ICEBREAKER but catches readers attention on it`s own - enjoy this fine book !

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