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Os Maias
(Eça de Queiroz)

More to the one than, properly, a romance, is about an ample one emphasizes of social pictures. This romance divided in two volumes whose first edition dates de1888, is a vibrant picture of social customs, where the secondary personages, the caricatures instants of types, if overlap to the interest of the proper drama of the protagonists. Although this is intense, reaching almost melodramáticos paroxysms, debating a so escabroso and so cruel subject as it is the incest. The author draws the history of a rich family and ancestral virtues in the final period of its existence, eliminated for a moral disaggregation proceeding from low the quality of the way where if he agitates and of the deliquescência in the provoked one for the mestization of the corrupt blood of a family of person who trades slaveses. The desire of the author of corporizar in the Mayan family the drama of the proper Portuguese society of its time can be seen in this project. The gallery of personages is truily prodigious. They are not the protagonists, Carlos of the Mayan (another super incarnation of civilized the so expensive one the author) and its sister Eduarda Maria, flower of requinte maximum, whom the relief figures form bigger. The old grandfather Alfonso of the Mayan who impersonaties the great virtues of the race and is verwhelmed by the fatality, the João of the Ega, the cynical coimbrão, so frequent in the romances of the author, and the series of episódicas figures, some inesquecíveis, as the Eusébiozinho or the Dâmaso de Salcede, porteguesinho fascinated by the importation of foreign bad behavior.

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