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M?yn Nad Lutyni?

The action takes place at the little village in Wielkopolska during the WW II. Grandfather Durczok sentences his own grandson, a renegade and informer. He becomes his grandson executor, despite his patriotic and human feelings.The tragedy of the story is found not only in the realistic result of peoples' actions but can also be treated as everlasting tragedy of peoples' passions.
The Durczoks were very plain people- they brought up 2 grandsons, boys of their daugther Joanna. Mary? was calm and attached to his grandparents. Jarogniew, the second grandson was lively, very active, he never listened to his grandparents but he loved his brother very much.He attended the Polish school but he also studied German. He wanted to become German. The priest sees this tendency and informs the boys' grandparents. Unfortunately, the grandfather doesn't appoint the punishment for meeting and playing with the Germans.
The conflict between Jaro and his grandfather escallates when Jaro is to take the crucifix to burn it. Jaro warned his grandfather that he would inform the police.The role of religion is very symbolic in the novel. It is the moral part of the life: grandmother teaches Jaro the prayer, she tries to instill some religious, Christian rules into him. Jaro loved Bolka, but she turned him down because he prefered to behave like German.Then he replies that she would love him when the Germans win. For all his life grandfather Durczok doubted whether Joanna was his own daugther. Jaro, who takes after the lord only fules his feelings and speculations. It the end it occured that Jaro was the son of the lord of Hilarowo. Durczok asked about it too late- on his deathbed.

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