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Wanna Be A Voice-over Artiste?

Well, you should never ever pay for voice-over courses.It is a waste of money. All you have to do is to go to a studio and record a very good demo and try to get agencies to represent you.There are things that you can't learn, either you have it or not.Of course that it is not 100% pointless to do it but think about the others who have a natural gft and don't need courses. They'll be your competition.So, don't even take that risk!!!Voice-over courses are a way of less successful voice-over artists to earn money. The business is tuff. There's load of work,but many voices out there and you need to have a very special one so that u can seduce clients.
People usually think that all you have to do is to go to a studio and read a script but it is much more than that. And actually it is not that simple...
you should be extremely self-critical and know if you have what it takes or not.if not, just give up and forget the courses.if yes, go for it!!!!

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