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I relocated recently and found my way into the Habitat Store ... the local one ... just around the corner.
It is a beautiful shop full of the most interesting bits and pieces you can imagine. I was thrilled to
buy a set of knives and forks and spoons for a song and also a LIGHT UP Christmas Tree which I treasure and its here in my sitting room a beautiful tribute to the Habitat Shop.

The magazine came with the shopping and although its last year since I bought my furniture and kitchen essentials I was intrigued to see that many of the objects displayed are still available at the Guildford Store. Let me tell you a little about Guildford - its a really charming city not too far away from London with everything you desire by way of shopping and having a good walk about in this fine spell of sunny weather we are all enjoying here in the UK.

So back to the Habitat catalogue ...
LIVING: Candle holders - I received a gift from the family of candle holders and I am treasuring this until I make a move to Europe where I can host lavish dinner parties and invite friends, colleagues and family!

Cushions for the pure white sofa - well I have one which is pink and in sharp contrast to the decor which is contemporary white and buff cream - I recommend Habitat cushions also.

Sir Alfred Armchair caught my attention ... it is well discussed as a piece of furniture but I would suggest that you have a look yourself ... its comfortable and the colour is dark brown - leather chair with a duck feather seat cushion. It looks wonderfully well shaped and you could read your favourite book and relax . its like the armchair at your club in London ... quite delightful!

Artform with Lucca - displays a long easy living sofa in pure white or a light shade of cream and it is pictureque and fills the room perfectly - its more a visual delight to your decor than a practical aid to sitting down in your old designer jeans - I suggest you wear something like silk pyjamas or a white linen suit for sitting in such a beautiful sofa - or possibly throw an Indian rug over it and then everyone can relax into the comfort of this beautiful piece of Habitat furniture! ... Designed and described as a ./modular sofa/ Endless possibilities to /chill out/

If you are here in Southampton and need to find the nearest Habitat Shop since the one I shop at is now
closed .... the GUILDFORD store is a bus ride away! Happy reading in the Habitat Catalogue and happy shopping also ... good stuff!

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