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(Vladimir Nabokov)

Defamed and celebrity, Lolita is a novel written for Nabokov in 1955.
Humbert, blinded sexually for the child, moves itself for the United States rooms renteds, of a motel to another one, in the company of Lolita, your dawghter in law, who has sexual relationship.

In a stop, a young rival convinces Lolita to leave Humbert.
In the years that follow, Humbert will have its first case of adult love, Rita, a alcoholic person.
For irony, Lolita returns.
Already has 17 years she remakes contact with Humbert. Needed, it wants money.
Humbert still gotten passionate by Lolita, not more girl, but a youg woman that, however, love does not return it.
Humbert discovers it married and pregnant.
Kill her husband? To give to money the Lolita?
To get rid itself of it not to disclose proper the last one?
The pedofilia is the underlying subject. The passion of the adult for the girl, the tram. The outcome sends the case real that symbolizes, without a doubt, one without number of more overwhelming and so true others or.

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