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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

The fictional masterpiece by Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code has turned out to be one the biggest grossers of all time, and the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the facts that appear in the book has helped it in no small way.

Like everyone else, I read the book out of curiosity and the hype surrounding the book, and what a masterpiece of fiction it turned out to be.

Dan Brown has played to the gallery with this book and has turned out to be very successful in his ploy. The book is fast paced and simply makes you read on and on without wanting to put it down. There is hardly a dull passage in the book.

Although the plot created by the author for the story line is controversial, it is excellent and a make- believe one. It influences the reader to the extent of shaking his/her very faith on Christianity.

The characters appearing in the novel are well sketched out and each character gets its due share of importance.

With historical references of famous personalities (members of priory of sion) dottting the story line, one is tempted to believe that the novel is a true story and not a work of fiction.

The readers imagination is held captivated throughout the book and the climax is really racy .

It is a must read for sheer pleasure and excitement and the contents are not to be taken seriously.

Go ahead and read it.

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