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Da Vinci Code

Code Decoded

Da Vinci Code a book that stops the heart beat when ever it is read. Author Dan Brown brings into the open the originality of the Christians religion which truly upsets the Vatican.
He brings froth the work of Leonardo Da Vinci an all rounder in the 14th century in the field of art, engineering and inventions. The book is based on a secret society known as the Priory of Sion its origin and objectives. Brown?s book uses extensively the works of Da Vinci the secret society and symbology- study of symbols. The main characters of the book are Robert Langdon a Harvard symbol gist and Sophie Neveu a French cryptologist. Along with many people who are in the background there is Da Vinci whose presence is prominent. Every step we can feel his presence and see his brilliant ways he pulls pranks on the church and the Gospel. The book strikes at the very core of Christianity its rituals and prayers.
A master piece like the Mona Lisa The book doesn?t deal with Da Vinci alone but surprising with something else. A very exciting book but with a disappointing end. It is not to be put down until read to the very end.
Robert Langdon while in Paris is asked by the French Police to look at a murder scene.It is there that he meets Sophie Neveu,a French cryptologist. The murder was of the curator of the Louvre who also was the grandfather of Sophie. It is from here that both Robert and Sophie find themselves on a dangerous journey when they follow the clues that were left behind by Sophie?s grandfather. From France to England to Scotland fight for their lives and try to save the ancient secret whose guardian was the grandfather which other wise would be lost. The secret is that of the HOLY GRAIL and what is means and where is it hidden.

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