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S Ratos
(Dyoné,lio Machado)

Modernismo of second phase. History starts with the milk threatening to cut the supply in case that Naziazeno, a modest public officer, does not pay the $53000 to it. Naziazeno passes then the tormented day, trying to obtain the money: it asks for loaned to the head (that it denies to it), it plays (it does not obtain in the roulette or the animal) and finishes obtaining a loan with the Alcides friend. To the night, it does not obtain to sleep worried about the money and the idea (almost certainty) of that the rats gnaw the money for the milk of its son. It only sleeps when it hears the milk to pour milk. In one it chats urban (history if passes in the city), regionalist (port-alegrenses recognize its city easily) and intimista (the drama of Naziazeno, even so banal, always is presented at great length), the Rats is transferred only in one day of much drama for its protagonist.

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