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Mila 18
(Leon Uris)

The story of the people in Warsaw ghetto under the Nazis is both heart wrenching and supremely inspiring.

The idyllic and peaceful pre-war Warsaw seen through the eyes of the cynical Christopher de Monti, the idealistic Andrei Androfski, the committed Deborah Bronski and the bitter Franz Koenig is presented with intensity and compassion by Leon Uris. We are shown how the characters evolve as peace yields to Nazi invasion and their brutal occupation. The gradual segregation of the Jews, the setting up of the ghetto, their desperate struggle for survival during the holocaust and the ultimate rebellion that shook the Nazis all the way to Berlin.

Leon Uris admits in the introduction that though the characters are fictional, he would be the last to admit that there weren?t real people who weren?t a Wolf Brandel, a Rachel Bronski, a Gabriela Rak or a Rabbi Solomon. In fact, they are so very life like that it is hard to imagine that they really are fictional characters.

It is a simple story of love within a war. Yet it is much more than just a story. It is a lesson in human nature ? of compassion and greed, of love and cruelty, of kindness and torture, of strength and frailties, of courage and effrontery.

And of life and death.

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