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(Jean Webster)

Jerusha Abbott has been an orphan in the John Grier Home her whole life. Now she's eighteen, the age where she would normally be sent out to work. But, a mysterious trustee has read some of her compositions and is sending her to college. She won't know who he is, and will never have any contact from him. In payment, she is to write a letter once a month informing him of her progress. In this way, he hopes she will develop her skill as a writer. So, Jersusha, who now calls herself Judy, goes to college. The novel continues in the format of letters to the trustee, who Judy calls Daddy-Long-Legs, because her only glimpse of him showed him to be a tall man with long legs. In her letters, Judy tells him about her studies, how much she enjoys the other girls in the college, and her work to become a writer. As she writes, she begins to imagine Daddy-Long-Legs as a father figure. Because of this, she finds the agreement that she will never hear from him hard to accept. He is the only family she has, and she has no idea who he really is. Along with her desire to find out who Daddy-Long-Legs is, Judy also meets Jervis Pendelton, the uncle of one of her roommates. She finds herself drawn to his humor and intelligence. She doesn't tell him that she is an orphan, ashamed of her unknown origins. When he asks her to marry him, she is worried that it wouldn't be fair to him to marry an orphan. But, she loves him and knows he loves her. Not being able to think of a solution to her problem, it seems all she can do is ask the one person she tells everything to - Daddy-Long-Legs. Will he finally let her meet him at last? And, can he help her make the right choice?

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