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Waiting For Godot
(Samuel Beckett)

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Samuel Beckett?s GODOT: ? the struggle of life?

?All my life I?ve tried to put it from me, saying Vladimir,
be reasonable, you haven?t tried everything.
And I resumed struggle?
The above quoted lines depicting a ?philosophical musing?
by Vladimir in Samuel Beckett?s Waiting For Godot are both
a reason for laughter and afford a critical interpretation.
These lines by Vladimir are part of a non-sequitor in the
play, where Estragon talks about his ?struggle?
with his boots and Vladimir replies with his thoughts on
the struggle of life. This can immediately raise laughter
in the audience, but within this laughter comes the sudden
realization of what Vladimir is actually trying to convey-
?equating life with boots!!? this is a typical Beckettian
maneuver where the laughter is raised and stifled almost at
the same time, with the realization that the cause of
laughter is one?s own tragedy of life and not the folly of
actors on stage!

These lines also in a way, hint at the meaning (if there is
one) of the play. The play is about action in order to
evade inaction, language in order to evade silence; and
doing something (or anything) to evade arriving at ?nothing
to be done!!? Vladimir?s statement reflects exactly this.
The struggle was in order to evade the conclusion that it
is useless. But what makes the statement and the thought
ironic is the fact that Vladimir was always aware of the
futility of the ?struggle? but he kept ?trying to put it
from (himself)?. This connects with the play?s first line-
?nothing to be done?. This statement appears to be
conclusion which should ideally come after a series of
events, which would make one deduct this from them!
But ?Waiting for Godot? begins with this line. The Epilogue
comes in the beginning. Therefore, whatever happens (or
does not happen) in the play is only to avoid this very
deduction, ?to put it from oneself?.

This statement also reflects the status of theatre in the
way Beckett perceived it: ?Theater of the Absurd? with its
self-critical approach to its form; is aware that whatever
remained to be done, left over by earlier theatre has
already been done (through parody), now Nothing (new)
remains to be done; which can then be interpreted as the
end of theatre where nothing remains to be done, everything
has been tried and accomplished or what remains to be done
is Nothing!!!
This is perhaps what we see Vladimir doing actually in the
play-Nothing. Realizing that his struggle is futile, his
reason unreasonable, he continues to exist; continues to
struggle- the Absurd man who is ?happy?, is only existing
in his habit aware of the lack of any purpose of his life
or of the overarching meaning of this absurd universe and
its imminent death.

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