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(Harold Hugghes)

A shot in the target, leaving of a repetition metal ring, reaches president Kennedy. Of where it broke the shot and who set in motion the trigger the control of who. Until today very it was written, if it argued and films had been twirled on the subject Murder of Kennedy. Agora Harold Hugges appears with a version, fellow creature already presented increased of fruits of research computerized. In that day in Dallas if they found dealers international, gangsters, advantages and cons oposicionistas Fidel, American politicians north Kennedy, and its executors. Harold analyzes amateur films that had been party to suit that investigated the death of the American former-president, documents and depositions. In understanding of the author one alone shot was not. it does not have magical bullet. They had been four detonations, that had left of different directions, however in search of the same white. With aid of computer programs the speed of the bullet was calculated that reached the nape of the neck of the president, the speed of the car that together with carried it Jakie and the governor from the Texas. The trajectory indicates that it did not leave of as walking of the warehouse, where supposedly met Lee Osvald. Not one had as solitary shooting Hugges nor only shot. For arvore in the park brings of one broke as a shot of 162. More two shots leaving of the street. It is the certainty, in the book that Kennedy was vitima of an international plot. However Harold Hugges, affirms for surprise of that Kennedy was helped with life and that still he is alive liveing in a farm of the Carolina of the South.

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