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(William Shakespeare)

?Hamlet? is the story of a Prince who lost his father and in his attempt to take the revenge loses his life. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark lost his father because a snake bit him in garden. This was the story that was believed but his father?s ghost appears and tells him that the real cause of his death was his brother Claudius who has now married his wife. His father?s ghost asks him to take revenge on Claudius but to leave his mother. To keep a close watch on the King and the Queen Hamlet decides to act as mad. Polonius, an old and wise courtier, said that the reason for the madness of the Prince was his love for Ophelia, his daughter, who acted, on the advice of him, coldly to the Prince. He got the surety of the betrayal that his father had to face from his brother when the play similar to the real life was enacted. In between the play, the King abandoned it and went with a look of utter terror on his face like that on the Queen. Before the Queen calls for him she had set Polonius behind the curtain for witnessing the conversation. Mistaking that the movement behind the curtain was of the King, Hamlet takes out his sword and stabs through the curtain. Polonius died at that very movement. Ophelia couldn?t take the death of her father and in his demise kills herself. Thus was the end of Hamlet?s love even before they could unit.

From then on started the King?s mission to kill the Prince. He sent Hamlet to England as a business trip but had given the two courtiers a letter asking the King of England to put him to death. Hamlet found the letter and changed the contents as to put the two courtiers to death. King?s second attempt was by keeping a fencing match between Laertes, brother of Ophelia who had deep hatred towards Hamlet for the death of his father and sister, and Hamlet. Laertes was given a sharp sword dipped in poison to kill Hamlet. Also he made a cup of wine to give to Hamlet but he didn?t drink it. Accidentally the Queen haves it and dies instantly. Hamlet gets a cut from the poisoned sword but acts quickly by taking Laertes sword and wounding him. Then he turned on the King and stabbed him with the same poisoned sword.

Hamlet knew his death was near and so asked his friend Horatio to reveal the truth to the world. The last words uttered by him were, ?The rest is silence.?

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