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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

For many, The Da Vinci Code poses many problems as it is a work of fiction firmly rooted in reality so, as a reader, you are left with thought-provoking facts about science and religion, which is rare. As a fan of Dan Brown, this novel seems to surpass his previous works of literature and truely embraces the legend that is the Holy Grail. The novel follows the path of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu who long to seek the truth about this undiscovered so-called 'cup'. Their exciting and perilous journey entices the reader to turn yet another page until, before you know it, the quest has reached its climax and Langdon finds himself at the exact same place as where he started, the centre of Paris. The several stories of each character, whether they be major or minor, create an interwoven drama with mre twists and turns than your average Midsomer Murder. Brown's attention to detail is fascinating as we learn, along with the characters, the meanings of many symbols that we perhaps come across everyday and do not stop to think about what they mean. Nothing can compare to this fast-paced, intelligent, modern-day thriller.

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