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"Say goodbye to weian" is Anne baby's representative works which makes her become famous one night, and which also is one of the bestsellers of bookstores. The dim background of city, the girl who wears white cotton skirt, the man who is called Lin, the black subject about love and death. This works is disseminated rapidly as soon as which appears in the network., which also has influenced young people profoundly so far, and the writer's literary style is imitated by many people. Most characters in Anne baby's works have the souls fluttering, appearances indifferent, innermost feelings wild, bearing rebel's fervor patiently. They are driven by the feelings of anxiety and void, they also indulges to degeneration, feels the suffering of struggling, and they seeks for loneliness over and over again. "The words depressed and flamboyant, the manner of writing fleet and cunning", this is the remark of Anne baby's works the readers in network give. The subject of her novels is about loneliness, love death and extravagating.

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