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Wacky Doodles
(Julie imeson)

Every encounter with the wacky doodle was like a bumpy ride on a rollercoaster at the circus. It ranged from hilarious to unexpected at times. Wacky doodle was always in the most bizarre attire. She would wear the skimpiest clothing on a full figured body. The tight clothing gripped her body like a corset, revealing her unwanted flesh. Her hair was shaped in a bob; it was extremely unruly and frizzy like an overgrown bush. Her behavior was often uncontrollable and she was a free willed child in a nineteen year olds body. She often enjoyed, pampering herself and didn?t realize the consequences until afterwards. Her bedroom was full of clutter and un-used goods or that had only waited on the hanger or have been chucked around like a swift, flying boomerang. Wacky doodle had an enormously large appetite. She enjoyed exotic flavors which were vibrant and expensive. (Much to her date?s dislike, due to the costs which were extremely high.) Wacky doodles had just started her lessons to drive, every time was a living nightmare for her driving instructor because her driving was as crazy as an un-retainable ricketier hungry for his next dish. Wacky doodles lifestyle was almost depleted of any sort of fitness apart from lifting another cake to her lips. Self control often overcame cravings for food and other un-needed indulgences. I know British people are very famous for their accentricness our wacky doodles was no exception to this. Each time we meet is another moment of cheer hilarity.

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