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Quem Matou Ulysses Guimarães?
(Jair Miranda)

In the Book Who Killed Ulysses Guimarães?, the author suggests a reflection on
deaths and murders of many other personalities of the Brazilian politics on this century. Getulio Vargas's suicide, the mysterious death of Juscelino, the fall of the
airplane that led the former-president Castelo Branco to Fortaleza. The death of
Costa e Silva, the disease and death of Tancredo Neves. These incidents suggest the author, are of a similarity that induces to
think in an organization that schemes, orders and it organizes deaths of lead politicians in the whole world. In the specific case of the PMDB leader Ulysses Guimarães, missing in a helicopter fall when comming from Angra dos Reis, leads the reader to think, if Ulysses died why his body was not found? And the remains of the helicopter why they were not found?All the other bodies were found. Of senator Severo Gomes, of pilot Jorge Camerate, of the wives of Ulysses and
Severo, but what about the body of Ulysses? and the Helicopter?. Mysterious is also the fact of a television net announce already in the Nightly News the fall of the helicopter and have a video tape where
appeared the occupants entering in the aircraft. The searches were contained and the date of October 12 was marked as the date of
the disappearance of the largest moral reservation of the country, the Mister
Direct, candidate to the presidency of the Republic, Ulysses Guimarães. In the book they are revealed historical facts that marked the disappearance
also of Marcos Freire, leader from Pernambuco dead in the fall of a military
airplane of FAB. To read Who killed Ulysses Guimarães is to provoke thinking in the existence or
not of the Aquitania Organization, that according to the author, decides
the destiny of the nations, the appearance, fall and deaths of the leaders in the
whole world.

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