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Ii Samuel 11 From The Holy Bible
(Lynnette Brashear on II Samuel 11)

King David Wasn?t Perfect and Neither Are We?

But the Lord blesses us anyway. In short, David was anointed by God to be king. He was a man that fought hard, praised hard and prayed hard. It seems from the text that David was a very intense individual. It also appears from the text that David was a force to be reckoned with. From the Bible we also get the impression that David REALLY loved the Lord.

David saw a woman?.a very beautiful woman. Now David had several women of his own and very beautiful women as well, however, in the text (II Samuel 11) it stated she was a very beautiful woman. Now David wasn?t on a mission to look for a woman (and in this case trouble) he just happened upon her. David sent someone to find out about her. The man told him her name was Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, and more importantly the WIFE of Uriah the Hittite.

Now at this point David should have just said??Whew?lucky man? and moved on, however, like most of us at one time or another in our lives we encountered trouble and had a brain vacation and pursued something (whether person or situation) that we just needed to walk away from. In short, everyone, regardless of who we are, have made bad decisions and in this case David did as well.

So he sends for Bathsheba and they go just a wee bit too far. We?re talking adultery. Pretty bad sin but then he compounded the sin with deception and finally murder. Bathsheba became pregnant and sent word to David of this. Now this posed a problem because Uriah hadn?t been home to sleep with his wife. So David goes into deception mode and tries to get Uriah to do this, but he is being a loyal and faithful servant unto David and ultimately the Lord and doesn?t go home. So this posed a problem for David so he did the unthinkable and sent Uriah to the front lines of battle and in sorts plotting Uriah?s murder. Whew?.this coming from an anointed king?lust, adultery, deception, and finally murder. Those are some pretty serious sins.

Soooooo?.David?s feels pretty certain he?s gotten away with it. And sometimes people often think to themselves no one of importance knows what I did and there is no accountability. But then the Lord will find some subtle way of saying?.ummmmm?.excuse me?. as in David?s case Nathan was sent to David and David pretty much condemned himself. The Lord will meet you right there and show you what you?ve done wrong and that there IS accountability. So Nathan told David after ALL the Lord has done for him why did he do such terrible acts before the Lord. Then David admits I have sinned, however, Nathan told David that the Lord had ?taken away your sin and you are not going to die?, however there were repercussions from the sin.

One of the consequences was the death of David?s child. The child fell ill and the child died.

David had grieved so hard over the child?s sickness, his people were afraid to tell him the child had died. The text said he got up and went in and got something to eat. This perplexed the people but David knew that it was over. He was pleading to keep the child alive. Often times we are pleading to stay in a situation, even though we know it?s not the will of the Lord, but it somehow becomes our comfort zone. We, like David, have to realize it?s over and move on. Too many times we just get stuck in the pleading and crying and fasting FOR THE WRONG THING.

So many people beat themselves up for doing wrong and think that the Lord just can?t bless them after what they?ve done. Well, think of David, he lusted after a woman, committed adultery, lied about it, tried to use the innocence of Uriah to cover his act, AND even though he didn?t personally kill Uriah, he plotted his death which amounts to the same thing and that probably doesn?t cover all David did?YET, the Lord, after the discipline, still chose to bless him. Now I don?t know of too many people who have done all that David has, but if God can continue to bless David in this way?.surely he will bless us too regardless of what we feel we?ve done that isn?t right.

An afterthought?and before we pass judgment on those who have done wrong in your sight and in the Lord?s sight by saying?ew?look at her or look at him?how could he/she do all that? Just remember?the Lord will handle it and afterwards if their hearts are in the right place, He just may choose to bless them. Who are we to condemn the righteous of the Lord in our words, minds or actions? If God can still bless them?who are we to be self righteous toward them?

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