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U.s. Avengers
(Bradley S. Hartman)

As an avid reader of fiction, especially action/adventure, horror and crime/suspense, I am moved to mention a book that I I have had the fortunate privilege to have read. U.S. Avengers is written by local author, Bradley S. Hartman from northwest Indiana and I have to say that it is the most refreshing and most action filled book that I have read in a long time. From the very first page, his characters became people that I cared about and yearned to learn more about, which I did as each page easily breezed by. I found it refreshing that this author didn't write as if he was writing for pre-schoolers who had never seen the world, therefore his descriptions of places and things are done in a way where I got the distinct idea of what he was saying, but left out just enough so that I could visualize that place as something familiar to me. This style made me feel as if I was a part of the adventure, letting me personalize the tale to me. This is an adventure that grabs you from the first sentence and will not let you go until the very end. If you buy a book this summer, this is the book to buy. I am looking forward to the second in the U.S. Avengers/A Cut Above because if it's anywhere near as good as the first one, having it in my hands right now would not be soon enough.

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