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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Write your abstract here. Dan Brown skillfully takes us down a rabbithole

involves some of Western history's oldest questions.
It is

a fast-paced story on the search for the Holy Grail,

is found at the end of the book, to the reader's

He interweaves historical and mythical information on

Templar knights, the Rosicrucian society and the Opus

the ultra-conservative branch of the Catholic Church.

all begins with a murder at the Louvre Museum by an

Monk who wants a secret piece of information that dates

the middle ages. When the police discovered the dead

with symbols he scribbled on himself right before he

they called an expert in symbolism who then takes

stage in the unfolding of this drama.
Like Umberto Eco in previous times, Brown brings historical
information on occult practices and beliefs that have long
been source of secret meetings and the real reason for the
beginning of many wars. In the Da Vinci Code Brown also
introduces many ways of looking at Leonardo Da Vinci's
work. Leonardo was a high ranking member of a secret
society that was in direct opposition to the Catholic
Church and many of his paintings reflect hidden meanings.
According to their tradition, the grail is the living line
of descendants from Jesus who survived through Mary
Magdalene, Jesus' wife. The Da Vinci Code stresses the
importance of the femenine and the struggle the Catholic
Church has waged to destroy the femenine in the sacred and
any trace of Mary Magdalene's importance. The plot unfolds
in many well known religious sites in Europe incorporating
famous paintings and sculptures that are revealed as having
hidden meanings. There are chases, murders, burglaries and
a high level of action that keeps the reader interested
throughout the whole book.

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