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Taming Of A Shrew

This amazing story is about a person who brings about a change in his wife. Katherina the central character is compared to a shrew because of her former behaviour. Katherina Bianca are the daughters of Baptista of Padua. Bianca the younger one was mild tempered and modest, on the contrary Katherina was sharp tongued and ill mannered. Hortensio and Gremio were longing for Bianca?s hand while there was none for Katherina. But Baptista was firm on his decision that Bianca?s marriage would be only after Katherina?s marriage.
Petruchio of Verona meets his friend Hortensio and having got information from him about Katherina he decides to marry her at any cost. Having met Baptista he speaks to Katherina. In spite of her rude way of talking he calls her ?Sweet darling?.
Baptista decides to marry them on the next Sunday. Though Katherina protested from marrying Petruchio would not let her speak. By the time of Katherina?s marriage there were three waiting for Bianca?s hand-Hortensio, Gremio and Lucentio of Pisa .
On the wedding day Petruchio was dressed in in a weird manner with anew hat an old jerkin and a pair of boots of different fashion. His horse also seemed to be ill. He behaved in aloud and boisterous manner. In the event of their marriage his behaviour amazed and shocked the people. In spite of the feast Petruchio would not let Katherina to stay there. Angry and reluctant Katherina had to follow his words.
The ill horses and Petruchio?s wild, uncontrolled and unreasonable behaviour had left her tired and hungry by the time they reached home. Under cover of his great love for her Petruchio would not let Katherina to rest nor eat. The next day in the afternoon he came with some cooked meat saying that he had cooked it. Katherina had not eaten even remorse he took away the plate from her saying that she had not thanked her for his efforts.
Katherina was made to say dinner time when it was time for supper, bright moon for sun and even an old man to be called as virgin. The old man was Vincentio father of Lucentio who is married to Bianca. The three were on their way for Bianca?s marriage feast.
In Bianca?s marriage feast Petruchio, Lucentio and Hortensio (who married a wealthy widow) made a bet for a hundred crowns about whose wife would respond immediately and obediently to their call. Petruchio had won the bet. All were shocked at the sudden change in Katherina.
Thereafter Petruchio and Bianca lived happily being called the happy couple.

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