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(The Bible)

In this beginning book of Judaic and Christian holy texts, an account of creation is given that provides Western society with an excuse to take it easy one day a week. It its revealed that God first created the heaven and the earth, then he went from there and separated the darkness with intervening light. The majesty of Gods feats are not fully realized until, after 6 days of toilsome labor, He rests. Until Darwin published his book The Evolution of the Species in 1863 or so, which put forth the contradictory idea that the human race evolved from single celled protoplasm, most of the Western world shared the belief that the world was not much more that 5000 years old, because of a dating of the first generation: Adam & Eve; this classic love, betrayal, exile story, features Satan in the form of a snake, tempting Eve against God's commandment: not to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil (a fruit from which the snake promises will give her knowledge of the difference between good and evil). Even though God has created Adam from the dust and in his own likeness and Eve from Adam's rib (it was once thought that women have one rib more than men), when Eve takes a bite of the fruit, her and Adam are kicked out of the paradise called Eden. This story, commemorated in Catholic churches as the fall from paradise had something to do with the rationale of misogyny remembered by a Patriarchal Christian society that had the veracity of this story largely unquestioned unil Darwin. This first book of the Bible and Torah also tells the story of Cain and Abel, brothers and children of Adam and Eve. Cain (the namesake of the WWF wrestler) wacks his good brother in the head with a club, killing him. God curses Cain. www.valiantdeath.com ---- for wonderful experimental music/ art/ zines

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