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Meninão No Caixote
(João Antonio)

Joao Antonio was a great Brazilian writer in years 70. Its literature followed a strong social bias, always questioning the remaining problems still in our society. In Meninão of the Caixote, the reader if comes across with the most varied social personages and types, types these that ramble for the streets and alleys of the Brazilian cities. Since street boys the prostitutes, Joao Antonio in discloses those to them that never had had the right of being disclosed: the kept out of society one, the oppressed one, the poor person. The book is composed for 4 stories: Cold; Lambões de Caçarola (Diligent of Brazil); Cake in the throat and Meninão in the Caixote. Excellent reading for Brazilians who want to understand the historical and insoluveis problems of current Brazil.

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