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Eça De Queirós, Uma Vida
(Mercedes Penna Carvalho)

Jose Maria Eça de Queirós is the first Portuguese romancista. First in the irony, the descriptive force, the creation of types, the style. Its language is clear and concise. It says in new way, old things, renewing the language Portuguese. In politics it was a liberal e, above of everything, a spectator. In the pictures it always appears with its traditional monóculo that it gives sarcasm airs to it, a deep analyzer of the life and the Man. The IRONY of Eça if is similar to the one of Axe of Assis, that the first author only is clearly, direct, while Axe is reticent, hesitante, drifter. The TYPES created by Eça de Queirós live and will live forever in Literature. In Basílio Cousin, the Acácio Council member always walks for there, to say its sentenciosos judgments. In the Mayans, João of the Ega is, physically, its perfect copy, well irreverent dress and. In the Cities and the Mountain ranges, Jacinth of Tormes very remembers to its Brazilian friend Eduardo the Prado, rich and aristocrat. In the Mayans, Damaso Salcede is the incarnation of the fiendish trick, the baseness, the lack of escrúpulos. The workmanship of Eça de Queirós can be divided in three phases: ) The style apprentice, when the author looks for to dominate the language and the subjects. b) The combatant, when the author becomes an arsonist, with explosive subjects. Basílio Cousin belongs to this second phase. c) The style professor, when the author already feels itself depleted e, at the same time, optimist, finds exits for its problems. EÇA OF QUEIRÓS was born in Póvoa of the Varzim, in 1845. It was formed in Right for the University of Coimbra. It created a group of new and enthusiastic, the Cenáculo. After that, disillusioned, it created the Group of the Loosers of the Life (1885). Authors had belonged to the group as Antero de Quental, Oliveira Martins, Junqueiro War, Ramalho Ortigão, Jaime Battle Kings. Beyond author, she was consul in Havana, New-Castle, Bristol and Paris. He died in 1900. In the end, sossegada life of bourgeois even lived, writing on saints. E became perpetual in Literature.

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