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Tacts Of Exploitation
(Daljit Khankhana)

It was her first day to join a nighttime party. She was eighteen. People mostly knew that Asian families having a control on their children. Party was fully exhausted. A gentleman came and told her, I know you. He said,
You don?t know me. She told,
I know your father. He again said,
Oh, yes that?s why you are claiming, you knew me. She answered,
Let?s come to have a drink. He offered her,
No thanks, She mentioned,
Come to me, otherwise I shall complain against you. He added,
She little bet frightened, It was true; she came to join party without her parents consent.
He read her face. His arrow was getting to an angle.
The time was alarming twelve ?o clock.
She was ready to go home. When she came out to ring for taxi the same guy came to her and offered a lift.
She refused but he told her, he knew her father, don?t afraid from him. He mentioned,
It was very pity. He forced her to have a lift. At last she was agreed to go.
Suddenly streetlights went off. Everywhere darkness glutted all the shadows. She was fully frightened.
She didn?t share anything. She thought he is pretending that he knew my father perhaps he also knew my address. He didn?t stop his car and went straight without any noticed. When she asked, you left her home back. He pretended, why didn?t you tell her?
Street was one-way drive. The next turning was at the next half mile. There was also entrance of a big park at the end of the street. He speeded his car and Rushedly entered into the park. He was willingly to rape her. He tried to keep her forcefully but she was very strong, she gave a strong punch to him and run away.

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