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T'ai Chi Ch'uan
(Cheng Man-ch'ing)


The magic of T?ai Chi Ch?uan can be yours for the effort. The master of the 37 posture calisthenics for health and self defense, Cheng Man-ch?ing, wrote his detailed abstract on the T?ai Chi form and push-hands exercises in the 1950?s. Juliana T. Cheng copyrighted the small booklet, with pictures of the master Cheng Man-ch?ing doing the form in 1981.

The T?ai chi form and martial arts have been practiced and changed to add Qi Gong healing exercises, some say since the 12th century. Prior to the notoriety of T?ai chi form as a healing exercise, it was developed and practiced as a masterful martial art in China.

The art of T?ai chi has a background misted in legend and reality. Most of the practices of the martial arts of T?ai chi were practiced and handed down from family members, to family members. The daughters of the family were not often taught the form because they would eventually marry into another family, and the secrets of the art were well guarded.

The art of T?ai chi ch?uan martial arts, or otherwise called ?Grand Ultimate Fist?, is one of self defense. The relaxed posture and correct inner attitude of the art adds to its power and effectiveness. The power is generated from a person?s center and waist. The Qi, or Chi, is cultivated within the center of a person with breath and mind control.

T?ai chi martial art uses the opponents own movements against the aggressor as he attacks, so the effort involved is that of ?listening? to the energy and then using that same energy to control the opponent.

There are very slow movements, as well as very fast movements in the form of the Chen style of T?ai chi. The Yang style of the form, which is the style that Cheng Man-ch?ing demonstrated in his book, is slow and gentle. The movements of the form are controlled by deep regulated breathing and a very straight and posture perfect spine so the energy can flow up the back and through-out the body with ease.

The book is short but inspiring to those of us who practice and teach the art of T?ai Chi Ch?uan.

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