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Saúde - O Perigo Das Frituras
(Carlos Nascimento Spethmann)

Modernly, foods marshy in oil (frituras), substituted the ahortaliças, fruits and cereals in natura. It knows itself that vegetal oil fervente modifies the chemical and organic characteristics of the food in fritura, why proper suffers chemical changes becoming true dietary bomb. By the action of the heat the constant oil components and fats are desmembrados in glicerol and acid greasy. Glicerol with the heat, provokes the dehydration of the molecule, forming a called substance acroleína that is potentially cancerígena.Ela destroys staple fibres elastic of the arteries and annoys the mucosae gastrointestinal and nasal. The biggest victims of the acroleína are the arteries whose destroyed elastic staple fibres cause the degeneration and precocious aging. Knowing that arteries function as as a heart, stimulating the blood by means of its elasticity, it imperceptivelmente goes diminishing its capacity and all the organism suffers to the consequences, reducing the life time. The acroleína is responsible also for the acceleration of the aging and wrinkling of the skin. The reused oil that is warm has still worse effect on the organism. The consumption of fats is proven that, red meat and laticínio very it is related with the sprouting of cancer of prostate, intestine and suck. The life style is preponderant factor in the incidence of cancers, second cause of death in the world alice martins Item of the book ' Alternative Medicine of a Z '

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