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Síndrome De Peter Pan
(Dan Kiley)

The men take more time to ripen, this are fact! Some never do not ripen. The syndrome of the Peter Pan, is the operating characteristic in the man who lives running away for land from never, not to live the reality. It opens hand of it, that always possible. The carrier of so syndrome, house with the girl quietinha, but prefers the Sininho, goes to live this quandary in deccorer of its life. He is untied man, always with flying, without the feet in the soil. The woman, always goes to assume all the daily responsibilities of this relationship. He gets passionate yourself madly for it, for its brightness, its adventures, its histories, but in the matureness of its relationship, it it advances, and never dumb its skill to see the life. In the truth, it nor he perceives what he transfers himself.

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