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The Kid Who Ran For President
(Dan Gutman)

In the beginning of the story Lane and Moon are playing a game of pool. Lane is also watching his favorite show Meet the Press, which is talking about which party has a better chance of winning the election for the presidency. That is when Lane came up with the weird idea of a kid running for president; the kid in particular is Judson Moon. So Moon gives in and they meet the next day in the tree house to decide who would be Moon's running mate, first babe (Lady), and how to raise $20,000,000 to finance the campaign. Lane called the Associated Press and gets one of the journalists to write a story on Moon's candidacy. After the news from the Associated Press hit the papers, all the kids of America start mailing all the money from their fundraising efforts to finance Moon's campaign, and the money totals up to about $20,000,000! When he goes to school the next morning, his principal asked him to make a speech. After he gives his speech, he has the entire group of kids going nuts. Then Moon is called to Chicago for a press conference. When it is over Moon reduces his opponents to dumbfounded onlookers by controlling the proceedings with sappy retorts and off-the-wall opinions.Everything looked well for Moon, at least until one phone call screwed everything up. What happened was that Moon's parents threw a party for his success at the press conference. Then a reporter called and asked if he stole a term paper from a person's locker. Moon said "yes" and hung up. The next day it was all over the paper and the news hurt his poll. Then Lane saved his campaign by taking the last $100.00 to get some air time on TV. Moon gave the modified "Checkers Speech". The next day was Election Day, and when the votes came in the winner was... JUDSON MOON!!!! Moon is the new official President of the United States.

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