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The Little Brunette
(Joaquim Manuel de Macedo)

"The little Brunette" . The story tells about Augusto, a boy who bets with his friends (including Felipe) that he would not fall in love for more than 15 days by any woman, his punishiment (in failure of this bet) would be to write a novel to these friends. The novel The Little Brunette is the result of this bet ( a metalanguage exercise ) . Augusto is a student and a colleague of Felipe, whose sister is Carolina. In his childhood, Augusto swore to love eternally a girl whose name he ignored and he became changeable in his love affairs, till he meets Carolina, by whom he falls in love and seeks from that moment on. When they gare fiances in the end of the story, she tells him to get married with the beloved one of his childhood and then she confesses that she is that beloved one. The book is a classic example of the Romanticism, having been his first Brazilian example. He spins around his perfect heroin and his hero who struggles to have her love and for the obstacles for his realization, in the case his childhood promise. Also there are in the story well-represented customs of the Rio of January of the decade of 1840 and the class of the students, from which Macedo was making part in the time of the writing of the book. The work of Macedo represents the whole scheme and development of the romantic initial novels: description of the customs of the society of Rio de Janeiro, the parties and traditions, the fluent and light style, the simple language, which is at the edge of the sloppiness, easy woofs, small intrigues of love and mystery, happy ending, with the victory of love. With this receipt, Macedo manages to be the most well-read author of Brazil of his time. Macedo was, par excellence, the writer of the middle class of Rio de Janeiro, against the rural aristocracy. His feather had the bourgeois taste; his novels were populated of young idealized students , marriageable young girls, naive and pure and too many types that were wandering for the agitated city of the Rio of January.

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