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(A.J. Weigoni : Peter Meilchen)

The paper is it, which connects Peter Meilchen and A.J.
Weigoni. Between humans and paper there is a Intimitaet,
an almost physical affinity. Paper is similar to humans in
vielem. It is weak and ages. The smallest accident, and
it tear. The Egyptians admired papyrus for this weakness,
which the unsrigen approximates. The paper placed itself
on the side of our vulnerability and sinnlichkeit. Paper
feels pleasantly and smells well. Printed on pages
correspond to the human read speed, our rhythm. This
rhythm Peter Meilchen and A.J. Weigoni with its
project "maeander" follows, by confronting the undulations
of Rhine to those the art. They go on the search for
imaginary areas, in which the eyes and Hirne of the public
violated by television and color photography can rest
themselves, where they can escape from the omnipraesenten
Overkill of the pictures, in order to the poetry finding.
The project "maeander" is a long-term observation of
intermedialer reciprocal effects, it creates a feeling for
individual tragedies, which are not coined/shaped by the
visual, but by conditions, tensions, energy shifts and
differences, by the domains of the language and the art.
The pictures, we are used to which from pictures to to
make, are rarely clear. We learned to regard works of art
as a kind secret whose true sense hides itself behind the
surface of the indications. Not only the world, but also
the pictures heischen after explanation, then seem it.
What however, if the secret shrinks to the mystery and the
water surface is issued itself in the Vexierspiel of the

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