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Hades' Daughter
(Sara Douglass)

A fascinating book written, by a Professor of Medieval History in her own right, to begin the four book series, The Troy Game. Douglass weaves a story, beginning in the ancient Greco-Roman world, about the legendary founding of the Isle of Britain. The legend of Brutus, of Trojan heritage, leading a band of exiled Trojans to the land that would be renamed, for his sake, the land of the Brut is one loosely passed down to us from such medieval authors as Geoffrey of Monmouth and Douglass incorporates these legends excellently into a broad range historical fantasy series.Hades' Daughter is the first book of four and develops a cast of characters all caught in the aftermath of the infamous Ariadne. Ariadne, the sister to Asterion (the mighty Minotaurof legend), betrays her brother for the love of Theseus, only to be betrayed and abandoned by him on an island, and begins a catastrophe unlike any imagineable. Her actions ensnare the whole world as they cascade through time, trapping Brutus, Cornelia, Asterion, Genvissa and a few others into numerous deaths and rebirths.Truly a fantastic book for anyone who enjoys fantasy and history!

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