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(Marguerite Duras)

"l'amant" is the story of a passion: a tale of a sensual love between a
teenage girl with heavy hair and a young chinese man. They are both
beautiful, as love is. The novel is autobiographic; Marguerite Duras
spent her childhood in Saigon with her familly (her mother and two
brothers), she's the heroin of the novel. One day, on the boat that
takes her to boarding school, she meets Do, a chinese man. Then starts
a sexual passion, a desire impossible to repress. The young schoolgirl
and the chinese lover start meeting at a bachelor's house to fulfil
their passion. He loves her madly. She doesn't. But she can't live
without him. He pays her like he would pay a prostitute. Soon, she has
to live Saigon, her home, her school and has to come back to France
with her mother and her beloved young brother. They love each other one
more time in a river of tears. But it's the end. The ocean of sorrow
transform into the real ocean, the Pacific.
In the background:
The mother, widow, school teacher, impulsive and prone to madness, the
older brother, heartless scum, the little brother who he martyrises and
Helene Lagonelle, that the heroin admires for her beauty.

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