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The Abcs Of Decorating
(Genevieve Fernandez)

This is a book of basic facts and ideas for the home decorator. This book gives the beginner full information and the encouragement needed to give new life to any part of the house. It also emphasizes on lighting, fabrics, color on walls, windows and floors.

The author writes "we need to put extensive thought and time into developing the plan and making changes as we go along. If our primary work has been thorough, the remaining part of the work becomes easy"

Color photographs on the interiors are included in the book. Decorating from each and every part of a home is beautifully taught. Chapters include Learning by ourself, analysing our lifestyle, allocting the budget, picking a start point, developing a color sense and giving finishing touches.

The author shows how to develop that professional approach by building a portfolio for each room that is to be decorated. The author helps you how to discover your own design taste.

This book really helps even a layman to understand and enhance his decorating skills.

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