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The Earthquake
(Elizabeth Laird)

The action of book begin at the door of Silvia`s flat. The young man, Gabriel, who was a friend of family, arrives to Silvia Delgado with one rose and he wants going with her to the cinema. But she is busy and tells him, that they will go on film tommorow. Gabriel is angry and he tells Silvia something wrong about Marco, another friend of Sylvia. Than he throw rose into the ground. When Gabriel was going out, he met Marco, who had twenty red roses. Gabriel had two tickets and he decides to go to the cinema without Sylvia. In front of the Plaza cinema there were a lot of people and they went inside to the ticket office, but Gabriel had his ticket, so he was waiting outside, when the earthquake sterted.
Marco stood at the door and Silvia opened after a while. She invited him to sitting-room, because she wasn`t ready. Silvia lived with her mother, who was ill. Her father was dead and they weren`t rich now, but Marko didn`t know about this. When Silvia`s mother asked her, who came, she lay, that Gabriel, because she knew, that her mother dislike Marco. Then Sylvia went out with Marco to the Oasis Restaurant. When they approached on the restaurant, it proved, that their table was near kitchen, and this displeased Marco, so he argued with manager. Sylvia went out to bathroom, which was outside the restaurant in the garden. She felt that the ground moved under her feet. Sylvia heard scream of people, but she couldn`t help them. Than she remembered about her mother and Gabriel. Sylvia went to her house, but there wasn`t anybody. She met her neighbour, Mr Enriques, later and asked him about her mother. He told her, that Mr Garcia, took her to park. Sylvia knew that this was Liberty Park surely. She started to walk, but she remembered, that her mother had to take medicines and she came back after them. During the trip to the park Sylvia found out from people, what egoist Marco was and she understood, that she loved Gabriel. When Sylvia arrived to the Liberty Park, she saw thousands of people on the ground. She began looking for mother, but after an hour, she was very tired. Than Sylvia heard her name and when she turned round, she saw Mr Garcia, who took her to mother. On the third day later Sylvia heard in radio, that there wouldn`t be another eartquake and they decided came back to home.
During the earhquake Gabriel was safe, but he didn`t see anything, becouse some rubble hit him on the head and he fell to the ground. When he awake, he was laying on street and hearing some woman's voice. He want to find Sylvia, but he fell. When Gabriel opened his eyes again, he was in the garden of hospital. Gabriel felt very ill, but he went to find Sylvia. Gabriel went to the Delgado`s flat and he met thieves. Fortunately they didn`t steal anything. Gabriel went inside and he saw Silvia`s dirty evening shoes and he knew, that Sylvia lives. That the next day Gabriel helped firemen to save people. He was wounded, so he was looking for foods. When the firemen went away, Gabriel sat down in front of the Delgado`s door and he waited for Sylvia`s return. Somebody`s voice woke him up. He thought, that this were another thieves, but this was Sylvia. Gabriel kept in hand rose, which he threw out a few days ago and now gave it to Sylvia.

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