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Paradise Lost, Book Five
(John Milton)

In Book V, Milton sets down Man?s rights and privileges that God has given him. He also embarks upon the disobedience of Lucifer (Satan) and the punishment that Satan had to undergo. In this, and the books that follow, Milton proceeds to sketch the history of the creation of the universe, and how Man has come upon the planet.

However, he continues from the previous book where Eve was being tempted by Satan in her dreams. She wakes and tells Adam that she has dreamt that an angel like creature has offered her fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. After great deprecation, she eats the proffered fruit. Adam is disturbed by this, but upon thinking it over, believes that Eve is too pure an individual and that it was only a dream, the events of which will not take place in actuality.

God realises that he must do something- inform Adam and Eve of the evil that awaits them if they succumb to the temptation of the Devil. He decides to send Raphael to speak to them and remind them that they have the free will to choose between good and evil. Raphael explains this, along with the information that Adam and Eve can become closer to God, like angels, as long as they obey God?s rules. Adam begins to question Raphael, and through his questions, Milton spells out what is behind free will.

Raphael tells Adam about the story of the Lucifer and the fact that he chafed at being less superior to the Son of God. He considered himself to be second to God alone. This book ends with the beginning of the war that Lucifer holds against God. Lucifer takes his army north and uses cunning arguments to convince them that they should war against God. Only Abdiel opposes Lucifer and returns to God, even though Lucifer does his best to convince him to join his (Lucifer?s) army.

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