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Visual Cues: Pratical Data Visualization
(Peter R. Keller; Mary M. Keller)

The book provides a series of example graphs generated for the purpose
of scientific research using advanced computing techniques and
graphical rendering methods.
Each page contains a specific scientific question researchers would
like to understand and its visualizationsa. The figures presented in
the book are from the data, wither collected experimentally or produced
by computer simulations, are not necessarly of graphic oreintations.
They might be magnetic fields, temperature patterns, ozone distribution
, and electric activities in the brain, which are not visible to human
eyes. Usually it is the very reason these datasets require computer
scientists' ingenious design to be visualized in the comprehensive and
comprehsible manners, so that researchers could have an overview of
their data, and hence hopefully make some novel correlations/
The number of variables, independent ot dependents, are given at the
margin of each page. The nature of the dataset (3D, 2D or 2D surface
embedded in 3D) is listed for every visualization. The visualization
tachniques are also specified (for example: the choice of shading,
lighting, color map and view angle) in the context of how to address
the question in interest. Also the software for the visulization cimputation is also provided for each graph.

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