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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Da Vinci Code- probably the biggest controversy to hit the world in modern times. The fact of matter is there are some recipes to a successful book, anything outrageous will always sell. Mein Kampf probably the most controversial book of all time was a best seller, it made Hitler rich in a matter of days.
But that is not the point, although I attribute Da Vinci Codes' exceptional success to the controversy surrounding it which indeed was its unique selling point, but Mr. Brown did manage to raise some fantastic issues. Dan Brown digs deep in the Legend of the Holy Grail, through clues hidden in works of Da Vinci. Character of Robert Langdon is efficiently developed. The conclusions the characters reach in terms of interpreting symbols, are at least reasoned to (even if slightly preposterous), unlike Brown's other Robert Langdon novel, Angels and Demons, where the solutions simply occur to the characters.

Da Vinci Code is extremely well written, and without its USP it is still a very intriguing novel, an excellent story and excellent way to tell it. It is one of the best books I have read in past time, a true thriller and suspense novel and if you can guess the murderer before the dying moments, consider yourself observant. Another of the excellent things about the Da Vinci Code is its pace, the books moves at a rapid pace. .

The cons will include a juvenile writing style, the characters are a bit too flimsy. The facts dealt in the book are portrayed as absolute, which borders on being annoying. Some people may find the book too much techanical with all the cryptographical and other symbolical details.
It will make a good read, try not to focus on the controversy.

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