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Waited So Long (written By George And Christine
(George Eagles)

GEORGE:As i sit here thinking of you
as the rain starts to come down.
CHRISTINE:For i felt sorrows when
i was alone before we met.
CHRISTINE:I smell the rain capturing
the memories
GEORGE:thinking of the moment i was alone
for you captured my heart and filled it with
CHRISTINE:For i wish one day you will sit beside
me sharing with me the good times and bad.
CHRISTINE:For we will Go through this together as
we build this new love together.
GEORGE:As we share in these beautiful dreams we can
have together as one.
CHRISTINE:For this dream is waiting for us and
waiting for you to say yes.
GEORGE:As this heart of mine has waited so long
for you.
CHRISTINE:I can't imagine my life without you
for you made me feel alive.
You are my love,
You brought me here,
GEORGE:to show me a love that would create the
perfect gift.
GEORGE:Sitting here finally seeing someone so beautiful
to my heart that will forever remain the love of my life.

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