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I Am
(Pierre Wattebled(;))

Alas, I AM! Only come to accompany my loneliness, also my joys, my excesses, my madnesses, my extravagances, my extasies, my nostalgia, my departues, my pressures, my returns, my useless combat, counter me, counter the others, with the others... Never seek which I speak. All will be watered and without chronology. Moreover, isn't this better? Also, it is a reality: your eye, your heart, your directions will never seem identical with my feelings! We will thus drind the same wine without arriving at similar intoxications. In the same mirror-life-time and stpacw count- so much? We all come so far. Recall this song of Cabrel: "Me, I come from the stars... and the stars between them speek only about you." Superb, no? Thus, inthis almost virtual window, you will discover characters of which the name will not have to sought, hundreds of faces, as many days of rain and sadness, as much of joy and delicious graces; an odd screen, a cameo of feelings, my hands cherishing thier intimacy with out vice: infinitely respectful in front of the mysteries of love, waiting ptiently until the mirror quivers of this stripped life... It does not remain some insane grasses scratching a star bed. On his white soft skin, I approach my face, the eyes closed now while our kisses cling in wet softness: awkwardly, I conquered it without wounding it; however the moon shivers, a tear on the cheek. It says: "I AM"

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