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Fab Abs

You?re tired of slogging through long workouts and are bored with diets that don't seem to make a dent. You want to lose fat and tone your body with quick results--without resorting to drastic, unhealthy measures. Enter Anita Bean's amazing Six-Week Workout books. A popular and respected nutritionist, Bean has created a healthy, natural way to trim the fat and get fit fast.
Illustrated in full color and easy to take along to the gym, you get everything you need to sculpt six-pack abs, great-looking legs, and an all-over better body in less than two months! In each book, you'll get:

Step-by-step illustrated instructions to dozens of exercises
Proven fat-burning strategies for melting away the flab
Smart eating plans to reduce fat and fuel muscles the healthy way
Workout logs to chart their progress to six-week success
Readers can turn their abs from flab to fab in just nine minutes a day with this six-week workout program for blasting out the perfect midsection.

Anita Bean is a former British natural bodybuilding champion and one of the United Kingdom's most highly respected nutritionists. She is the award-winning author of 12 books, including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition and Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life series, a regular broadcaster on TV and radio, and a contributor to numerous magazines and newspapers.

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