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Talking Battle

Talking- such a strugle!
while observing few girls talking to each other i realised it is such a huge task to do simple talking it is not at all easy to talk.
non other that the fittest is allowed to talk-- survive in the ig battle called "talking". when the arrows of hot topics, tasty tangy words and crisp diction shoot only a few are able to survive.
while one of the girls wanted to talk aout lipsticks the other was busy talking about her daddy , yet other about her mom and sister's dress.
but something to e taken caree about is that all of them were talking to each other, yet not listening to one another. this is cool talking yet not listening!
the strongest who is girdeled with all the weapons of good talk like hot topic, good articulation and diction boastful nature will be able to hit it !

are you able to talk or you simply fight and loose the battle called talking always?

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