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Baby Joy
(Tonya Renard)

All ten fingers and all ten toes
So small and delicate, tiny and fragile.
Small little eyes staring up at the world,
Scared and confused they close once more.

With a coo and sucking all snuggled down
Wrapped in your blanket listening to sounds.
That "Bump" and "Boom", I'm sorry they scared you,
That's just life going on around you.

So small you are, I can't believe your ours,
Your hear now and I can cradle you in my arms.
Kiss your face and hold your hands,
And make dreams reality when I think about your life plans.

Your journey was long coming to me,
Your gender a mystery I left as a conversation piece.
And now that your here a sweet baby to love,
My own little miracle sent from above.

I promise to provide and make you feel safe,
With showers of love and an abundance of faith.
To protect you and nourish your body and mind,
So you grow happy and healthy sweet child of mine.

Created By,
Tonya Renard

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