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J'ai Peur
(Pierre Wattebled (;))

I'm afraid...

of meeting your eyes. I know that they are looking for me. I am
afraid and I

am escaping... I am afraid of discovering lies in them that would
hurt me too

badly. The mere idea of suspecting their existence makes me
shiver. Because

you don't cheat consciously anymore: distorting has become a
natural habit

in you. At the worse, evidence surprises you and you smile at this

between me... and you. The semantics of your speech blurs my
reason and I

refuse the alchemy that will imprison me.

« ? »

I am afraid...

of meeting your eyes. They hide me a truth that I will understand.
Let's look

at each other in the face: I am ready, today! Ready to sculpt the
wood of my

cross, to draw the paths of our cemeteries. I am cultivating the
flowers I will

offer us tomorrow, if I think about it. If it's possible. However I
have my little

preference: the flight of the wild ducks in the peaceful sky of my

childhood. I will thank you if you don't come. You are being
unreasonable by

believing that I am.


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