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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
(J.K. Rowling)

This book In my opinion is one of the best kids/teen books i have ever read. A lot of the thread Harry potter book is about Harry figuring out who helped ' He Who Must Not be Named" find harries parents and kill them. The " Sirius Black" escaping from Azkaban (the wizard jail) and Harry finding out who Sirius is and why he should be scared. Harry has no idea why Sirius want to kill him or why Sirius helped "you know who" . this book has the thrill of any good book and is very interesting i god interested after the first page you can only imagine how interesting this book is!! Now If you are interested in this Harry potter book you should read all of the books in order. Yes it will take a long time to read but its worth it and the book are very fascinating so you will hardly notice how long they are, You will be intrigued by the magic in these book and the adventure in the Harry Potter books.
You could also watch the Harry potter movies. Now the books give you something funb to bo and give you a picture in you mind of the adventures but the movie brings it all to life. The movies are different than the books. They don't put in all of the facts but the adventure is just as thrilling and have a lot of images to go a long with the adventure. The biggest movie that I like the most was the Prisoner of Azkaban but all of the movie that have come out so far are still good and most people like them all. So is you haven't joined the adventure or you haven't seen all of the movies or read the books I suggest you do!! Always remember hace fin with readin g and read to dream!!!!!!!!

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