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These Nights...

They?re not all the same, don?t be so sure there is some really common To Sleep and that?s it? There is others that I vaguely remember And you leave so fast just as a thought But there is some like tonight, that I would like to have you close? hug all that you are, and that you hug me with all that you have.. for you to watch me thoroughly as you always do and I tear of your details.. I remember your straight hair? soft, how do I love to slip my fingers thru ever threat of your hair? put my nose next to your neck to smell your essence? is because your all captivates me.. how can you have such sweet eyes in that fully grown man?s body??.. and then you look at me and the already small green eyes become smaller at the same time as your smile.. and your heavy hand caressing the closes part of my body.. you always want to touch me? always.. and I always want you to touch me.. I miss you like crazy tonight.. I would give anything to know if you feel the same?. If this sweet and annoying agony echoes somewhere where you are? today I would like this to be more than a story of two what do you get from showing me of while you take me by the hand!....boasting how lucky I am to have you, that your eyes get full of the love I feel for you? and I repeat? only tonight because? like I am the sun, I am the shadow and this thoughts that heat up my reasoning tomorrow can slip away and be only part of the memories that are left under my shoes? it?s been so many days already.. that I knew what tonight was going to bring.

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